WB Ongoing Projects

Projects Location Progress Project Type Status
Supply of four international packeges(1. Electrical Testing Equipment, 2. Electrical Measurement Equipment, 3. Electrical Simulators and 4. Electrical Hotline Maintenance Equipment) Kabul 0% Consultancy Ongoing
Multi-Provinces 0% Consultancy Ongoing
Lot #1 -Design, Supply, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Four Substations of 110/20kV at Chesht, Hobai, Karokh & Pashton Zarghoon Districts. (Herat) Herat 32% Construction Ongoing
Preparation of Grid Code of Afghanistan including Capacity Building Kabul 39% Consultancy Ongoing
Lot#1 Implementation of CASA-1000 Transmission Line Multi-Provinces 44% HV Transmission Ongoing
Multi-Provinces 49%
HV Transmission
Lot 3 Implementation of CASA-1000 Transmission Line  Multi-Provinces 53% HV Transmission Ongoing
Construction of Training center (Kabul) Kabul 55% Construction Ongoing
Herat 56% HV Transmission Ongoing
Lot#1 : Procurement of construction/Installation work of MV/LV Network (Herat) Herat 65%
MV/LV Distribution
Staff Capacity Building (Kabul) Kabul 65% Consultancy Ongoing
Curriculum development for DABS training Center (Kabul) Kabul 70% Consultancy Ongoing
Lot #2 – Design, Supply, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 110kV S/C tapping transmission line from Salma (Hydel) to Karokh Substation (Herat) Herat 81%
HV Transmission
Procurement of Design, Supply, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 110/20kV Sarobi Substation (Kabul) Kabul 99%
Sub Station
Lot #3 -Supply of Goods for the Electrification of 20/0.4kV network in four districts of Herat Province (Herat)
MV/LV Distribution
Security upgrading and site utility Improvement for Naghlu Dam (Kabul) Kabul 100% Construction Ongoing
Consultancy Services for Environmental and Social Impact assessment -ESIA
100% Consultancy Ongoing
Consultancy Services for Preparation of Resettlement action Plan (RAP) Multi-Provinces 100% Consultancy Ongoing
Work contract for rehabilitation of Unit #1 and overhauling of Unit #3 at NHPS (Kabul) Kabul 100% Hydro Power Plant Ongoing
Procurement and Supply of Construction Materials and associated Services for Installation of poles for Sorobi Electrification (Kabul) Kabul 100%
MV/LV Distribution